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An Amazing Resource – Sesame Tool Kits

July 17, 2013

I love the Sesame Street Tool Kits created for their Little Children, Big Challenges project. My favorite one I think is about incarceration, more specifically about helping children cope with parents who are incarcerated. The tool kit has come up a lot recently in the press (a lot of it talking about how it’s sad that content like this is needed), but I think that press isn’t looking at how wonderful the tool kit is.

The videos and activities are so great and aimed at just the right level for kids. But I think the most incredible part of this is the resources they have for parents. These resources don’t just help caregivers talk to their kids about incarceration. It’s a safe space for them to come to explore their own feelings and concerns. When Alex (a puppet) learns it’s okay to express his feelings about his parent being incarcerated, and that it’s actually really important that he does so, it’s not just kids getting that message – it’s their own parents and caregivers. Even the message that “we can be like our parents in some ways and different from them in others” is something that a lot of adults need to hear!

There are plenty of other great topics too! (The military families one is also close to my heart!) Check them out!

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