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Officially a Ravenclaw!

May 22, 2012

The best House of all.

If you are a Harry Potter fan (and who isn’t, really?) then you need to sign on to ASAP. I’m dead serious.

The site itself is a little hard to describe. First of all, it guides users through each of the books with a page dedicated to every chapter. (Right now, only the first book is available. The other books are still closed, much to the frustration of the people currently on the site. I suspect they are still figuring out what the other books will contain – there are “like” buttons and feedback options on most pages, and perhaps that’s how they’re gauging what activities people are responding to). There are hidden things to find (good luck with the Philosopher’s Stone which I looked for FOR 20 MINUTES. Hint: It’s where it is, but maybe not where you think it might be. That’s not a good hint at all.)

As you go through the book, you are initiated into Hogwarts just as the students are: you get a personal wand, you get sorted by the Sorting Hat, and you learn to make potions (or struggle to, as the case may be). You can earn house points by dueling with other users, some of whom are EXTREMELY good at clicking a mouse.

The chance to get sorted is definitely the most appealing thing the website has to offer. Some questions are rather deep, and some seem extremely random. For example, while I was choosing one of seven options for the most depressing thing a person could experience, my sister was picking heads or tails in a coin toss. Yes, every test has varying questions. So interesting!

I, as you might have guessed, was sorted into Ravenclaw, which interestingly was the House that I always most identified with. Despite other online quizzes putting my sister into Hufflepuff, I always knew she was Gryffindor, and she was sorted accordingly. Go get sorted and let’s debate about the placement!

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